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Latest Research and paraphrasing

Research has well documented that in the wake of the twenty-first century, particularly, data is growing exponentially. Each passing day, over 294 billion emails are sent, and people make over 2 million blog posts and approximately 550 mil. Facebook statuses are updated!

Skyrocketing breadth and depth of data is probably very difficult to accurately capture even by the most sophisticated algorithms available. It is because billions of people are using the World Wide Web for numerous purposes, as diverse as unimaginable by a normal human being.

Studies have found that just in the past 2 years or so, 90% of the entire data stored on the Internet was created. This growth is happening every two years in the Digital Universe in terms of original data creation, its replication, consumption, and facilitation.

According to Jens Christensen (2016), “Total traffic over the Internet is estimated to triple from 2012 to 2017” (p. 316).

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What about Data Value?

Though it is well-understood that data growth in today’s Digital Age is robust, it is not so surprising to learn that this data, however, carries little value simply because it is hard to analyze. However, analysis is key. Effective data analysis with carefully-designed algorithms/analytics can offer us limitless opportunities for social, economic, political, and life gains.

For instance, what needs are being created in today’s world that might be different from a time of past? A region hit by a catastrophe (such as natural disaster or an act of terrorism) can be better facilitated if the digital data is efficiently analyzed. This can lead us to add greater value to people’s lives by catering for their physical and mental health (for example) including helping them to rehabilitate on all such fronts (Rogers, 2016).

Our Business Niche

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Since digital world plays by different rules, replication, rephrasing, or paraphrasing the digital data became very clear to us as a legitimate and productive business niche, and we came forward to help our valuable clients to manage their already stressful lives.

Since our inception, we have served our clients from around the globe to help them paraphrase their content for various purposes. Students might want their academic content to present it for a new job opening, the seminar, and the like. Professionals take our help in reproducing different types of content from various fields e.g. radiography, SEO, literature, and so forth.

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Christensen, J. (2015). Digital business: in the digital age. Boston: Books on Demand Press.
Rogers, D. L. (2016). The digital transformation playbook: Rethink your business for the digital age. Columbia: Columbia University Press.