Editing per a research citation style: APA (American Psychological Association)

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Editing a manuscript in accordance with a specific research convention style such as APA or MLA can be quite cumbersome, time-consuming, and, at times, frustrating.

There are a number of things that must be taking into consideration if someone is writing an important piece of academic writing. An error of the style can, mind you, drive your professor angry who would, probably, not tell you what exactly to you, but would come up with an angry note like, “Revise according to the APA, 6th Ed.”!

It is here our services come handy. My paraphrasing has accumulated highly qualified editors who themselves are writers or professional editors. Their insight into the style-based conventions for many styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, BlueBook, Vancouver, Harvard, you name it) is reliable and sharp. Second, as we’re a professional organization, we have specific resources and knowledge base that we access regularly to solve many problems that our valued clients entrust us to solve for them.

For APA, for example, there are both major and minor things that you must take note of. Let’s start with a few minor points in regard to formatting per APA.

According to the 6th Edition, pages 228-230 of the Manual,  (latest so far), the following are the most basic and still missed out requirements in a paper:

  • 1” margin on all four sides of the page
  • 12 point Times New Roman Font
  • All the text must be double-spaced
  • All the text should be left-aligned (never justify your text!)
  • Indent the first line each paragraph (use tab for 0.5″)
  • A class paper should have the Title page with four elements
    1. title
    2. running head
    3. author’s name, and
    4. institutional affiliation

The title page does have page number. The page number starts from the next page (paginated as 2).

Similarly, the first heading is centered, bold, and upper and lower case.

Second heading is left-aligned, bold, and each word capitalized; likewise, heading 3 is left indented (tab used once), has sentence case (i.e. First word is capitalized). Heading 4 is mostly normally not used but is the same as heading 3, but is italicized.

I strongly believe that anyone who has access to the Internet (and probably every student does these days), can do the formatting by googling the required material to fit their paper, and we encourage you to do so.

However, since time is money, googling can be taxing particularly when there are pages that contain both valid/current and outdated documents.

Once again, it is here that our services come into play. Since we’re a professional organization, it is our job to pool top-notch skill set to ensure that we serve our clients not only cheap but also with high-quality and accurate formatting style that they are looking for.

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