Machine Paraphrasing, Automatic Paraphrasing – Myth vs. Reality

This post, in particular, discusses at length the matters of professional, human garnished paraphrasing vs. machine paraphrasing, paraphrasing software, or automated paraphrasing tools available today. This post demystifies these technology areas and brings an honest picture to the reader’s attention with regards to machine vs. human-generated texts and paraphrasing. After you’ve gone through this post, you’ll be able to have ... Read More »

5 Basics to Creative Paraphrasing in Academic and Professional Writing

More often people think that academic writing is not a creative process. It is assumed that research writing is governed by rules rather than the freedom of thought and expression. This assumption is based on the many genre-based rules that are required to be followed while undertaking a research activity and reporting it. Although it may seem on the superficial ... Read More »

Adding flavor to your paraphrasing activity

In this post, I would discuss some more examples of what can be good and poor paraphrasing. The post is a continuation of the previous post on the same topic. This post adds more examples to the previous topic. It also discusses a few more dimensions of paraphrasing by discussing Good and Poor examples side by side and then offering ... Read More »

Paraphrasing Examples: Good vs. Bad Sentences

A number of students and professionals approach us on a regular basis asking us ‘What is good paraphrasing?’ This post has been carefully ‘crafted’ to combine the most effective resources from the Internet on “Examples of paraphrasing – Good vs. Bad”. The post also offers 100% genuine, professionally written examples of good and bad paraphrased sentences. This is expected that ... Read More »

Paraphrasing interconnected texts and media

The internet and communication technologies in the 21st century, because of the breadth of data and its unfathomable richness, have intrigued many a social scientist, psychologist, philosopher, and other relevant field expert who study these phenomena to understand the contemporary trends of life. Since its infancy, variously-interconnected texts (hyperlinks) have been present in the WWW. However, more recently, the addition of ... Read More »

Paraphrasing recent floods

As I write this post, some parts of the world have already been devastated by floods. Philippines and India are the most recent victims of these floods. In Philippines alone, the death toll has exceeded 10,000! Not finding much courage to refer to the heart-aching aftermaths of these floods, I would like to move on to my point of the ... Read More »

Paraphrasing history – The breaking of ground to extend the San Antonio Museum of Art

(Guest post) All people in this world are interactive paraphrasers of their histories, presents, and futures. Sounds geeky? Hold on a bit! Every day, a person paraphrases or expresses their life situations on the basis of the experiences they undergo. It is this expression that is different from one person to another. Paraphrasing our lives is actually the specific lens ... Read More »

What is professional paraphrasing?

When it comes to professional paraphrasing services, this question, What is professional paraphrasing?’ often comes to mind since paraphrasing was until now considered to be a regular writing activity. However, this is not so. Let me now very precisely prove my point, i.e. why paraphrasing is something that a specialist write can do better than anyone else. First, the dictionary definition ... Read More »