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Success comes to those who work smart not just hard: 24/7 online assistance for paraphrasing to help you work smart!

Paraphrasing your way to success

My Paraphrasing offers 24/7 premium online services to reenergize your papers: assignments, essays, notes, or any other content for a much lower price. Our human-weaved beauty of words vitalizes an obsolete piece again!

Following are some of the major genres that we provide our services in:
  • Dissertations
  • Research work/reports
  • Journal articles
  • Book excerpts
  • Movie reviews
  • Reviews of Literature
  • Research theses
  • Descriptive essays
  • Academic papers
  • Other essays/papers
  • SEO material
  • Conference minutes/proceedings
  • Classroom notes
  • Personal statement
  • Applications for admission
  • Blog-related material
  • News related content
  • Business Reports
  • Rhetorical Analysis
  • Any else?

Other services

My is also proud to share with you that since we’re in a content-management industry, over the years, we’ve pooled and put together our advanced-skilled team members who can assist you in many other areas to make your life even easier:

Formatting services

According to a specific research style, e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver, etc.

Proofreading services

Error-free proofreading services (punctuation, grammar, and spellings)

Copy Editing

Proofreading along with fixing sentence structure, word choice, and so on

Resume writing

We develop professional resumes

Personal Statements

Our writers know how to help you get into that college

Steps for placing a paraphrase order with us

  1. Go to our Order Now page
  2. Fill out the form (select deadline, number of pages, etc.)
  3. Pay us via our trusted partner, BlueSnap
  4. Ensure your order files are attached with the form so we can receive them
  5. You receive a payment receipt from BlueSnap soon after making the payment (legal document)
From here, our work will start and you’ll receive your order as per the chosen deadline – REMEMBER: No hassle with us!

NOTE: If you need any of the other services than paraphrasing, as mentioned above, you might want to send us an inquiry first, via the same order form or through our chat widget. Our sales representative will get back to you in time with an evaluation of your work needing fixing. This is because other services are quite open-ended and make it difficult for us to fix prices, deadlines, etc. We’d communicate to you the price after assessment.


Even though our team specializes in the art of human-garnished paraphrasing, we must tell you that the following CANNOT be paraphrased given the nature of content:

  • Tables
  • Figures and/or diagrams
  • Certain captains and headings
  • In-text citation
  • Technical words (e.g. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, pharmacology, information technology, etc.)
  • Certain references

Good News

However, the good news is, since we’ve been in business for quite some time now, you MUST not worry about these things because everyone writing about certain area of research uses the same tables, figures, and other information verbatim because these are pieces of evidence that everyone talks about.

Rest assured, we will rephrase all the other words in a most cohesive fashion producing a well-organized structure in your paper that does NOT change the meaning of your text at all – and still passes plagiarism test.

Try us today, dude!